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Testimonials from Former Clients

“Before I started working with David, I was experiencing high levels of anxiety and fear, I was struggling with intimacy. David has helped me immensely in the few months we have worked together.” Client.

“David has a warm demeanor with a good sense of humor to go with it, which made it easy to open up to, and he really listens. I found myself more calm, felt a lot more in control and capable of dealing with any day-to-day interactions. I would highly recommend David for anyone looking for psychotherapy.” Client.

“David is an experienced, talented and thoughtful therapist. He has a respectful, and open rapport with his clients. He stands out as knowledgeable, approachable, and dedicated. I would recommend David as a therapist.” Client

Strength Based Therapy for Indivduals & Couples

If you think about it, whatever is going on with you, if it’s depression, or anxiety, it can’t be happening ALL the time.  There are times when it’s not bothering you.  Maybe it’s at work, or when you’re exercising, or when you go to a movie.

Nothing bad happens all the time. That’s because there are times when you’re already thinking and acting in ways that work for you.

You already have skills.  We just need to discover how they work.  Then we can identify them, and put them to full use.

In the process, you become more confident about your own abilities.  You begin to feel more empowered.  In a short time, these small changes will lead to major life changes.

This approach is what they call “strength-based.”  We’ll use your own strengths to eliminate your symptoms first, then move on to processing the underlying issues that have brought you to this place and time.

When you learn to cope with your challenges, whatever they may be, you’ll start to see yourself becoming a more grounded person with skills that will help you throughout life.


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