Anxiety Therapy/Free Session

  • Do you struggle with worry or depression?
  • Is your relationship in trouble? 
  • Are you stuck in a highly stressful career?

Are you feeling worried, frustrated or even depressed about the way things are going?  You try not to think about it it –but you keep coming back to these negative thoughts, and they take on a life of their own.  After a while, you’re stuck, feeling anxious, or depressed most of the time.  And you can’t find your way out.

It might have to do with your job,or your relationship, your family, or it might just be the stress of daily living.  Constant stress can result in experiencing cycles of worry that run like a loop in your head.  You start to worry about what will come next.  And at some point you actually worry about how much you’re worrying.

Then you start feeling like it’s hard to relax and enjoy the activities you used to do all the time. If you’re dealing with social anxiety, it’s even hard to enjoy parties or gatherings. Some people coping with these issues even experience anxiety  around sex.

The key to getting past these feelings –anxiety, frustration or depression –is to to interrupt the cycle of negative thoughts –and redirect them to more productive thoughts and activities.

While negative feelings are hard to ignore, with the right tools, you can control them.  You can learn to “let go” of those thoughts.  Try my free first session and we’ll discuss the tools, the strategies and solutions that will get you unstuck.  This way, we can free you of  your anxiety symptoms, while we get to the bottom of things. There are reasons, and we’ll figure them out together.

I’ve received specialized psychological training –at Stanford University, from the very best psychologists. And I’ve developed my own methods treating hundreds of clients.  I will give you tools, strategies and solutions that will help you stop the worry, or the sadness.

We’ll work through this all together using the wisdom of your experience and the methods I’ve mastered.  I will offer you my full compassionate support in your life back.  We’ll have lots of methods to chose from — I use them all — including new cutting edge methods, like EMDR– which has a 70% success rate. If one method doesn’t work, another will.

You will feel better –and empowered.  You  can take back control of your life –and you will.

Call David Silverman, LMFT at 310-850-4707 for a free phone consult – or try a free session.  

How we’ll treat Anxiety

We’ll find the solutions that work for you specifically, that will  eliminate your symptoms – NOW.  Then we’ll create a new future for yourself by examining how you got here and change the way you think about things.

I believe in strength-based solutions — we will use your strengths in new ways to create a better future.  And we won’t spend “years” talking about the problem, like a lot of therapists do, we’ll start out TODAY, talking about the “solution.”


  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Self-actualization

You deserve to have the life you dream about match the life you live; where you feel confident, in control, and your relationships feel strong and loving.  You deserve to feel empowered.

Call David Silverman, LMFT at 310-850-4707 for a free phone consult – or try  a free session.

Now in network for Aetna & Humana.  (First session pays copay only).

Anxiety and creative professionals.

Creative individuals have to spend long hours, often in isolation,  coming up with new and original ideas on a demanding  schedule.  It can  certainly take it’s toll. My writers, artists and even performers encounter anxiety while netwroking or pitching ideas to a group.  Having spent more than twenty years writing for TV and film, dealing with the rejection, the stress,  the career reversals — I can relate to what you’re going through.

Sliding scale – $100-$150. I also accept all PPO insurances.  I currently have two offices close by in Marina del Rey and West Los Angeles.  Call for free phone consult -or free session – 310-850-4707.

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