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You’re interested in therapy, but you want to know more about it. What should I expect?  What are the fees?


Chances are that you’ve decided to seek help and have gone through this website (and others) to see if this would be a good fit. One of the factors you are likely taking into account is affordability. While giving you a straight number IS valuable, I also want to take a few minutes to share exactly what you can expect from me and our work together, for the fee listed below.

I want to support you in making a decision based on all the variables in your life and help you know what you will be receiving, by making this investment in yourself.


1.  Curiosity about your experience instead of assumptions that I know what you’re talking about:

What this means in terms of a therapy session is that I intentionally take a stance of curiosity with my clients as opposed to assumption and “knowing” what is going on.

Every person I see is so unique with different life stories, circumstances, ways of navigating life, and different preferences, I don’t use a “one size fits all” approach for everyone.  My approach to your therapy will need to be tailored to your exact needs.

2. Tools to take home: If this is a good fit for you, I will give you some written material that is designed to help you continue empowering yourself in between sessions.

Some are exercises to reflect, answer, practice and some are brief handouts that serve as reminders on your journey towards a life you desire. A workbook of sorts, created just for you. The intention is that you will have something tangible to dip into when needed, even after your last session.

3. I treat you as an expert: I do this because you ARE the expert on your life.

You may have come to therapy with some unknowns, some questions or some confusion about life or your relationships, and this is okay.  At the same time, you have also walked in your shoes for your entire life.

While I may have the skill, experience and trained support to find answers with you, you have the wisdom, familiarity and life-expertise that is integral to our work together. I often say that therapy is a process of two experts putting their minds together to collaborate on your life in ways that YOU find empowering.

4. Custom-designed Care: While therapy does come with some standard tools and tricks, I am committed to offering services that feel like a good fit for you.

In our first session, you will notice that I will likely ask you questions about your preferences, how you would like therapy to be, and how do you feel the most supported. A question that a lot of my clients will say I ask is , “How should we do this?”. This is because I strongly believe that your input is tremendously valuable in our work together. Tools and tricks work only when they feel like a good fit.


FREE first session.  Ask about my Sliding Scale:  $100-$150  

Keep in mind, I accept all PPO insurance.  How does that work?

Any insurance company that accepts Out Of Network providers (which means all PPOs) will accept a “superbill” for your sessions.  I will prepare the superbills, and handle any paperwork your insurance needs.


I accept cash, checks, and

Main Office:
2001 Barrington Ave, West Los Angeles, CA 90025

2nd office, 114 Northstar Mall, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

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