Questions For Anxiety Therapy LA

Questions For Anxiety Therapy Los Angeles


What methods will be used?

I believe in a humanistic approach toward therapy, which demands authenticity from me as your therapist.  I treat all of my clients without judgment and with unconditional positive regard.  We’ll collaborate on creating goals, setting treatment plans, and work toward solving problems together.

Strength Based Therapy 

If you think about it, whatever is going on with you, if it’s depression, or anxiety, it can’t be happening ALL the time.  There are times when it’s not bothering you.  Maybe it’s at work, or when you’re exercising, or when you go to a movie.

Nothing bad happens all the time. That’s because there are times when you’re already thinking and acting in ways that work for you.

You already have skills.  We just need to discover how they work.  Then we can identify them, and put them to full use.

 Solution Focused Therapy

According to solution focus therapy , “nothing bad happens all the time.”  That may sound a bit confusing, especially when you’re struggling with painful issues.  The truth is, though if we think about it, there might be some time, on a walk, or watching TV, or out with friends having coffee, when life doesn’t seem so painful.

Solution Focus does not dwell on years of talking about “the problem” in session.  Instead, it favors discussing “the solution.”

It uncovers coping skills the client already knows, but has not used.  Together, we’ll discover your strengths and skills and  put them to use.  The client and the therapist stand on equal footing.

Cognitive Behavioral Goals.

We’ll use evidence-based methods that have proven successful over time.  Cognitive therapy came about as psychologists saw the relationship between thought and feeling.  If you’re feeling frustrated, sad, irritable or anxious –that feeling most often follows negative or self-critical thoughts.

The idea is to develop skills that help you interrupt the cycle of negative thought-to-feeling depressed.  Those skills have been refined by therapist over 60 years.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy , according to Time magazine (01/20/2003) “is quick, practical and goal-oriented – over 300 clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of CBT.”

Is therapy right for me?

Therapy is about feeling safe while collaboratively working through life’s challenges in a non-judgmental environment.  If you are facing problems in your marriage, or facing a big change in your life, if you are unable to cope with challenges,then the kind of therapy I provide is for you.

Therapy is right for anyone dealing with seemingly insurmountable anxiety or depression, addictions or compulsive behaviors.  If you are looking for more from your life creating more self-awareness and working toward change – then therapy is right for you.

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